Director's Message

I strongly believe the above quote and this was the foundation of my dream to present a sea of opportunities in pharmacy field to chisel the professional career of young talented generations.

It is my proud privileges to welcome the students in Ch. G R Dhaka Pharmacy College. The institute has been established by the modern society for education and research which was established in 2018 to impart professional education. The society maintains very high level of education standards to meet the challenges of the highly competitive world. I have no doubt that students will get very high quality of pharmaceutical education and training in our college by the highly motivated and committed faculty member in a top class infra-structure facilities.

A cut through competition and fast-moving economy of the developing countries, particularly India, have necessitated establishing an institute with a difference by making the curriculum of our programs and its delivery more contemporary to be called as A COMPLETE INSTITUTE. Ch. G R Dhaka Pharmacy College is a giant leap in providing quality pharmacy education to young students to meet the professional challenges of fast-growing pharmaceutical industry. I am sure the unwavering determination, sense of responsibility, commitment, with tireless dedication and team spirit of the bearers of the Ch. G R Dhaka Pharmacy College will raise it higher.

I wish all the students a bright professional carrier.